Children’s Ministries

Sunday school classes for ages 3 yrs old (potty-trained) thru 5th grade resume October 4th.  Click here to see the children’s ministry announcements from last Sunday’s ParentPoints bulletin insert.  In ParentPoints, you will find Sunday school class information, updates for Awana, the Christmas program, and more. 

Our Skyline children did such a wonderful job in The Loaned Manger Christmas musical! You can watch the complete production on YouTube HERE.

Click on the link below to view the Skyline Children’s Ministry YouTube channel.  

PreK Sunday School

Skyline Children’s Ministries is committed to partnering with parents in teaching children to follow Christ for a lifetime.

Children’s Ministry Links

Core Values

God Focused: In all that we undertake, God is the center. We exist to worship and serve Him. Children will be taught from a God-centered worldview.

Church and Home Working Together: The ministries of the church help parents fulfill their God-given mission to raise their children to follow Christ. Skyline Children’s Ministry is committed to encourage, inspire, and equip parents to fulfill their mission.

Studying the Scriptures: God has given us His word as the primary source to learn how to love and serve Him. We teach children in a systematic way, directly from the Scriptures. We strive to communicate truth in age-appropriate ways, without changing the message.

Engaging Music that Honors God: Children will sing fun and meaningful songs. They will learn what it means to worship God by using the gift of music. Music will be a part of the program every Sunday.

Hands-on Projects: Children learn in many different ways. We are committed to utilizing multiple hands-on activities in each classroom. Children will bring home projects almost every week.

Fun and Enthusiasm: The Skyline Children’s Ministry should be a place of smiles. Children will feel loved and accepted. We are enthusiastic about all the activities we undertake.

Where does my child go during Sunday Morning church services?

Newborn – Crawlers: Nursery

Currently (due to COVID restrictions),  the nursery is available for mothers and babies during first and second service.

Prayerfully, in the near future: The Skyline nursery is available during both services and is staffed with qualified and trained volunteers.  Pagers are given to parents so that the nursery staff can alert you of a need and so that parents can have peace of mind. The nursery room is also a place that mothers can go to nurse their babies. It is located just outside the east exit (near the sound booth) of the sanctuary.

Walkers – 3 Years: Toddler Room

Currently (due to COVID restrictions),  the toddler room is available for parents and toddlers during first and second service.

Prayerfully, in the near future: The toddler room at Skyline is always a busy place. We have worked hard to create a fun and safe environment for toddlers to explore and learn how to play with one another. The toddler room is available during both worship services. The pager system and electronic number system is used with this age group. Toddlers may hear a Bible story, engage in various activities, and will have lots of time for supervised free play. The toddler room is located just down the hall from the nursery.

3 years old (potty-trained) – kindergarten (first & second service)

Children age 3 (potty-trained) through kindergarten have Sunday School class available first service. Check children in at annex room # 8. Children first grade and older are encouraged to attend church with their parents during first service. Currently, due to COVID, children must be picked up promptly after first service so volunteers have time to sanitize before the second service class checks in.   Prayerfully in the near future, any children not picked up after first service are automatically checked in to the second service Sunday School.

1st – 5th Grade (second service)

During first service, 1st thru 5th grade children are encouraged to worship with their parents.  During second service, children 1st thru 5th grade check-in for Sunday school at 10:20 or later at room #4 (the door at the end of the hallway near the side entrance to the main building).

For 6th thru 12th grade classes see Youth Ministries page.