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Pastor David’s Weekly Devotional
Satan is an accuser.  In fact, the very word translated “devil” (diabolos) in the New Testament literally means accuser (literally, bolos meaning “to throw” and dia meaning “through” or “at”).  The devil accuses, maligns, and slanders.  This is his “M.O.”  This is his self-proclaimed job description.  This is what he loves to do.  He especially delights in bringing accusations against God’s children – devilishly trying to undermine their confidence in God’s sovereign power and grace.  Satan takes great pleasure in bringing up past (forgiven) sins, in an attempt to cause Christians to needlessly wallow in guilt and shame.  However, not all of Satan’s accusations are false.  Although the devil is a chronic liar and deceiver, he will use anything at his disposal to derail, deceive or dishearten the faith and faithfulness of Christians.

Nothing we could do on our own would be sufficient to mediate between ourselves and God (Rom.3:10, 20; 6:23; Is.64:6).  But here is the good great news!  Jesus Christ is our Advocate (the one who speaks to the Father in our defense).  In the Bible we read these incredibly encouraging words:

“My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin.  
But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous”
(1 John 2:1; see Rom.8:34; 1Tim.2:5; Heb.7:24-25)

This is truly an amazing Gospel truth!  The one who is the Advocate, Mediator, and Intercessor between us and a holy God is none other than God’s own Son, Jesus Christ!  Christ is literally in heaven giving a defense on our behalf.  Christ is our heavenly defense attorney, and there is no Advocate better than Jesus Christ – He has never lost a case, nor will He ever lose a case.  He is in heaven, seated at the right hand of the Father, advocating for those He has redeemed.  In other words, Christ is in the courtroom of heaven speaking on behalf of all those who believe.  He is in heaven advocating for all those who are in Christ – all those who He has personally redeemed.
Christ’s work on behalf of believers did not end at His death and resurrection.  While His death and resurrection were perfectly and eternally sufficient to pay for the sins of all believers, Christ continues to work on behalf of believers as an Advocate for them in heaven.  Christ not only completely paid for the sin of all believers, but He also mediates in defense for them before God.

Now someone may ask, “Why is it necessary for Christ to be our Advocate?”  It is certainly not because Christ needs to somehow convince or persuade God into forgiving those for whom Christ has died.  The reason Christ is our Advocate is because we have one who is our adversary – Satan himself – who constantly levels accusations against those who are in Christ “before our God day and night” (cf. Rev.12:10).  Christ is not in heaven pleading with God to forgive us of our sins (for God is the One who sent Jesus to die for our sins).  He is in heaven answering our accuser (Satan) by declaring us not guilty and, in effect, continually saying, “This one I have redeemed; that sin has been paid for in full!”

Jesus Christ is the Advocate who defends the (Christ-imputed) righteousness of all true believers.  Jesus Christ is the Advocate who always secures a “not-guilty” verdict from God.  Jesus Christ is the Advocate who is able to silence and defeat the enemy, because He has personally died for the sins of all who would ever believe and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of Almighty God interceding for those He has saved.

Together in and for Christ,
Pastor David

Scripture Readings for the Week (Monday – Sunday ~ Week #26):
Leviticus 7-9; 1 Kings 19-22; Psalms 75-77; Proverbs 7; Ezekiel 13-18; Luke 15-16; Philippians 1-2
Recommended Reading: 
“How to Meet the Enemy” by John MacArthur

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