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Pastor David’s Weekly Devotional
     Sin is an ugly intrusion into the Christian’s otherwise godly life.  Sin is a spiritual tumor that spreads and grows if it is not destroyed.  Sin is a reprehensible violation of God’s law, and an open act of rebellious hostility toward God.  Sin is a vile enemy that wages war for the souls of men.  Sin is man’s declaration of independence of God.  Sin is a step, no matter the distance nor the pace, away from God.  Sin is any action, inaction, thought or attitude that is contrary to the will and character of God.

     The New Testament word for sin means “to miss the mark.”  That is, sin is missing the mark of God’s holy standard, failing to live according to His perfect righteousness and falling utterly short of His glory (see Rom.3:23).  Everyone who has ever lived has sinned (with the exception of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God), and every sinner stands in desperate need of God’s saving grace.  This grace is given freely by God to all who, by genuinely confessing and repenting of their sins, receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

     Sin does not cease to exist when a person comes to Christ.  In fact, it is not until after a person is converted that they truly understand the full weight, degree, and power of sin.  For no one can truly vanquish sin, and live righteously, until after he/she has been saved and sanctified by Christ (see Rom.8:7-8).  In Christ we have been given victory over sin, but as long as we live in this world we are engaged in a spiritual battle – fighting against the sinful desires of our human flesh.

     John Murray, renowned Reformed theologian of the twentieth century, wrote:
“The presence of sin in the believer involves conflict in his heart and life. … If there is still sin to any degree in one who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, then there is tension, yes, contradiction, within the heart of that person.  Indeed, the more sanctified the person is, the more conformed he is to the image of his Savior, the more he must recoil against every lack of conformity to the holiness of God.  The deeper his apprehension of the majesty of God, the more persistent his yearning for the attainment of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus, the more conscious will he be of the gravity of the sin which remains and the more poignant will be his detestation of it” (Redemption – Accomplished and Applied, p.144-145).

     Thanks to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christians are no longer under the dominion of sin.  Through the divine power of Christ’s presence in their lives, Christians are able to say no to unrighteousness and yes to righteousness.  For in Christ, they have victory over sin.  Sin has no dominion over them, but sin (in this life) is still prevalent all around them.

“Sin is like a defeated army in a civil war that, instead of surrendering and laying down its arms, simply fades into the countryside, from which it continues to wage a guerrilla war of harassment and sabotage against the government foes.  Sin as a reigning power is defeated in the life of a believer, but it will never surrender.  It will continue to harass us and seek to sabotage our Christian lives as long as we live” (Jerry Bridges, Growing Your Faith, p.57).

     One of the surest ways to fall into sin is to become overconfident – underestimating the power of sin (see 1Cor.10:12).  Yet, it is equally dangerous to become obsessed about sin – underestimating the power of Christ (see 1Cor.10:13).  As we take our stand against sin, may we wisely and humbly take our stand in and for Christ!

Together in and for Christ,
Pastor David

Scripture Readings for the Week (Monday – Sunday ~ Week #8):
Genesis 28-31; Judges 12-16; Psalm 21-23; Job 15-16; Isaiah 40-44; Matthew 20-22; Romans 15-16 
Recommended Reading: “Holiness” by J.C. Ryle

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MADILLYN GAOIRAN - February 22nd, 2022 at 12:13pm

Thank you Pastor David for these Weekly newsletters and words of wisdom God has put upon your heart. I truly appreciate your heart for the LORD and appreciate your honesty. God bless your week. In Christ, Maddy




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