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One of the most insidious sins, that is rarely considered, is the sin of grumbling.  And yet grumbling is clearly and repeatedly prohibited in Scripture.  To grumble is to complain or to be disgruntled.  Grumblers are notoriously negative, critical, disappointed, discontented, and irritated.  The New Testament word translated “grumble” is an onomatopoetic word that means to mutter or murmur.

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Duffy - September 4th, 2023 at 2:02pm

This is a good word, that strikes at a sin I have been guilty of, and still struggle with. My grumbling is more in the day to day life, rather than church, but it’s still wrong. Worse, it’s accepted in day to day life, which makes it easier for me to dismiss it, or let it slide, rather than trying to kill it.




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